Jólabókaflóð (YO–LA–BOK–A–FLOT)

I ran across images and text about Jólabókaflóð while on my various sites and blogs I read. From my research it is a Icelandic holiday tradition, where books are exchanged on Christmas Eve. During that research on this tradition I found this quote  “The country has more writers, more books published and more books read, per head, than anywhere else in the world… One in 10 Icelanders will publish [a book].” (sorry couldn’t find who to attribute that quote to) From what I found out it was started during World War II when paper was one of the few items that wasn’t rationed due to the war effort. While other items were in short supply books were not. Typically the books are giving as a gift on Christmas Eve so the person can enjoy reading that night and beyond. There are more interesting facts about the tradition and a little research around the internet will provided those facts. I personally enjoyed reading about it and thought what a great way to give a gift at Christmas. My other half and I have decided to start with immediate family this year. We finally settled on what to get. Each person would get the No. 1 book on the fiction charts the year they were born. Which in one case lead to a a funny title that probably won’t fit the person. But fun none the less. I also thought this would be a great way for the person that received the book to pay it forward. Once they finish the book they could donate it to their local library. Please take a look around the internet to learn more about this Icelandic tradition. Oh, and Jólabókaflóð roughly translates to Yule Book Flood. Happy Holidays Everyone!

First FLaG Post (FaRE, LEISURE, and GEaR)

With this post I plan on readjusting my blog here on to a different theme. I’m not going to delete old post just going to go in another direction with this one. So hopefully others will enjoy the adjustment.

With Fare, Leisure, and Gear I wanted to focus on a particular set of items, but keep it broad enough that those items could be thought of in a contrary direction. Let’s start with the definition of each word.

Fare usually brings to mind for some the price you pay for things like public transit. But thanks to American English fare is also defined as a range of food or a particular type.

Leisure is defined as time free from the demands of work or duty, when one can rest, enjoy hobbies or sports.

Now on to Gear, with the definition of clothing or equipment needed for something specific.

Utilizing these definitions and depending on how I want to interpret them leaves a broader spectrum of items that can fit in more than one of the categories of FaRE, LEISURE, and GEaR. While my post are primarily for myself to post things out on the internet, hopefully my post are interesting to others as well. I may even revisit an old post and update with something new and corrected.